Welcome to Medium2Rare - Web Development.

We specialise in building the blocks that creates the perfect website, blocks that consist of simplicity, easy navigation and easy reading.

By combining these blocks we deliver the most sufficient website to our customers. Our websites are quick to load, even on a low bandwidth environment, our sites require minimal maintenance which ensures maximum site availability and above all, we cater for customisable  designs to meet our clients needs.

To view some of the features available in our designs, please navigate to our Examples page.

We offer web designing and web development services which enables you to have your own website at an affordable price. You will find that our services are easy to use and without difficulty, thus delivering speedy results.

We also provide web hosting via a 3rd party company based in America, our hosting provider is available for technical assistance 24-7-365 and we as Medium2Rare has been in partnership with them for more than 6 years.

After signing up with us we guaranty to have a basic ten-page website up within 24hours. (You may hold us to this)

We offer the entire package of hosting, designing, uploading and viewing in one simple solution and we hope to grow friendships world wide.

For more information on our prices, please navigate to our Packages section.

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Medium2Rare - Web Development.

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Eugene Jacobs