When looking at this page and it's content, you should get a pretty good idea of the functionality and features we can offer you. This will most certainly give you a few ideas of what you would like to use in you own website...
HTML Coding
Multi-media Files
Roll-over images/banners
Banner Rotator
Light-box Gallery
Glass Buttons
Navigation Buttons
Menu Bar
Go Menu
Text/Slide/Tab Menu
Background Colors/Images
Page Transition effects
Web Titles
Bulleted Lists
Glass Effects
Fading Effects
We offer a wide range of solutions that should meet your needs:
When we design a website, the following points are considered and will be discussed between ourselves and the client:
- Easy on the eyes
- Easy to navigate/read
- Not too cluttered
- Easy to go back to previous pages
- Accurate description of page
- Small in size for quick loading pages
- Capture your business image
Theme Color
This is one of many shapes with a fill effect and border
This is a banner/logo with a fill effect from purple to black. It also has a reflection effect with grey shadow and grey border
Above we have images with a shadow effect and below we have the gallery light-box. Click an image in the light-box to expand it.
This is a scrolling Marquee moving left at a speed set to 2 and a delay of 60
This is a banner rotator which is set to a vertical clip effect for displaying one image after the other
This is a conveyer belt with 3 images moving left at a speed of 40
To the left we have normal navigation bars, they come in many different styles and colors. These are blue with a mouse-over in silver and like the glass button (bottom left), go menu (bottom right) and slide-menu, they are also used for navigating through a website
Below we have a menu bar with a sub-menu created on the first option. These also comes in many different styles and colors and are used for navigating through a website
[Link 1] [Link 2] [Link 3] [Link 4]
Other, more uncommon ways of navigating web pages, are slide menus (on the right) and text menus (Below)
Glass Button
To the left we have the PHP form that allows for instant queries to be submitted from a website to an external e-mail address. This form can be customised to meet your every need, containing any amount of text boxes, text areas, option buttons, tick boxes and dropdown selections. We also add in the Captcha function which reduces spam from being submitted as robots can't read and type the text provided.
To the right we have taken the normal Facebook logo and added an image colorised effect by using green to change the appearance of the original image. We have also placed a link on the image to redirect you to our Facebook page. So feel free to join our group.

Medium2Rare Web Development creates simple, easy to use websites
More information

To the right we have the Roll-over Text function. By moving you mouse over the image, you will be able to view more detail, almost like an advert. By clicking more information you will we redirected to the page that has more content on this image-related subject.